With the continuing retirement going on in many industries there are not enough people filling the ranks of those leaving Aerospace jobs. There are 1.2 million kids in 855 Washington state high schools, let’s communicate with these kids and inspire them to making good decisions for their future.


This site is to promote teenagers  to think about their careers before they leave high school. In Washington State, the average age of a student at a technical college is 29-32. This put those students at a great disadvantage being ten older than left high school, their opportunity to join into industry with a 2 year degree and pay scale is less than if they started this process when they were eighteen. We have started this site by showing conversations with Students, professionals / Skilled Technician, College instructors and company owners / CEOs.


They all have been asked to share their experience and give words of encouragement to a younger person as if in their family and speak to the potential  of learning a technical career. With the ever growing attrition of skilled workers leaving industry, we need to encourage young people to join as fast. The European model of apprenticeships have always worked this way ( hiring directly from high school ) and those countries have remained in a stronger position.


Please share your story in three minutes or less and give encouragement to our next workforce.

We are open to post other people’s video or we are happy to shoot for you at no cost.

If interested please email info@multiaxis.com